Tbilisi flavor

  • Starting time: 09:30
  • Duration: 3-4 Hour
  • Beginning of the excursion:‎‎ in the area of sulfur baths of Abano str. No15‎
  • Group Size: 12 people
  • Price: 18$


We will start by getting to know each other, discussing your interests, and adjust part of the route to them. You can always include additional objects: for example, if it rains, we will look into a cozy cafe. Such individual additions to the program will make acquaintance with Tbilisi especially memorable. The main part of the tour, of course, includes places without which it is impossible to imagine the capital of Georgia

  • Abanothubani‎‎is an area of sulfur baths, which Pushkin and Dumas appreciated. In the heart of the city, let's talk about its history, why Tbilisi was called ‎‎Tiflis,‎‎and the self-name of the country. Nearby you will hear the noise of a real waterfall in ‎‎the Fig‎‎ ‎‎Gorge.
  • Chardin‎‎ district and ‎‎Sioni Cathedral:‎‎ you will stroll through the shopping craft quarter and the pedestrian street (I will tell you why it is named after the Frenchman). The ‎‎Chardin‎‎district is located between ‎‎Meydan‎‎ Square and Sioni Cathedral: you will see these places and learn about their fates, as well as look into the underground bazaar.‎
  • Peace Bridge ‎‎and ‎‎Narikala‎‎Fortress: we will look at the modern glass bridge in the picturesque ‎‎Rike‎‎Park, from where we will go by cable car to one of the oldest sights of Tbilisi - ‎‎Narikala‎‎Fortress. From here we will admire the best panorama of the city and talk about the past citadel.‎  
  • ‎In addition, you will find ‎‎the Caravanserai, the‎‎palace of‎‎Queen Darejan,‎‎as well as observation decks hidden from tourists, streets and "Italian courtyards".‎   ‎Life and residents of Tbilisi.‎
  • The ‎‎tour ends in the Old Town.‎‎ ‎

Our story is without dry dates, with memorable analogies. You will get an idea of the history and architecture of the city, but also get acquainted with the life of Tbilisi residents. Let's talk about Georgian holidays, wedding traditions, everyday life, attitude to women and parents, cuisine and shopping. By the way, I will gladly recommend delicious places and places where to buy souvenirs.‎

PRICE: 18$

Pay on the spot — in dollar, euro, GEL (at the exchange rate).‎‎ ‎


  • The tour will be conducted for you by a guide from our professional team.‎‎ ‎


  • Entrance fees,
  • lunch

  • This is a walking tour – choose comfortable shoes
  • The ‎‎tour ends in the Old Town.‎‎ ‎

Please note: if you do not leave an application on the website - there may not be enough places for you in the group


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