Martvili canyon - Prometheus cave

  • Starting time: 07:00
  • Beginning of the excursion:‎‎ in the area of sulfur baths of Abano str. No15‎
  • Duration: 14 Hour
  • Group Size: 19 people
  • Price: 50$


Martvila Canyon‎‎ and thermal springs is a one-day group and individual tour of one of the most beautiful places in Georgia.

Prometheus Cave, also known as ‎‎Kumistavi‎‎Cave, is located near the town ‎‎of Tskaltubo,‎‎ 20 km from ‎‎Kutaisi‎‎ in the Imereti region of western Georgia. The cave was discovered relatively recently in 1984, and almost immediately it became a landmark of Georgia. Prometheus Cave is the largest cave in Georgia. Inside the cave there are rivers and lakes. ‎‎

Martvili Canyon‎‎ is located in the village ‎‎of Gachedili,‎‎a few kilometers north of the town ‎‎of Martvili‎‎ in the Mingrelia region. The length of the ‎‎Gochkadili‎‎ canyon is 2400 meters, and the depth reaches 40 meters. In the middle of the canyon there is a ledge in which the water falls down, forming a stunning stepped waterfall 12 meters high.‎

‎The myths and legends of ‎‎Colchis‎‎ are known to everyone, and what does this territory conceal at this point in time? During our excursion you will be transported for a short time to a fabulous, enchanted world. You are waiting for stalactite and stalagmite caves, a journey through an underground lake and canyons that delight even the most indifferent people to nature. This excursion is equally interesting for adults and children. After all, here you can wander through the caves, take a selfie while traveling through the beautiful canyon (just like in the movies).‎

PRICE: 50$

Pay on the spot — in dollar, euro, GEL (at the exchange rate).‎‎ ‎


‎ ‎‎ ‎‎•‎‎ Transportation

‎ ‎‎ ‎‎•‎‎ A guide from our professional team will guide you through the tour


  • ‎Entrance fees,
  • lunch


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